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What is a do-a-thon?

Building off the concept of a hackathon, a do-a-thon is a work-sprint where people from different skill sets work together and collaborate on different challenges and projects. For OpenCon 2018’s do-a-thon, we’ll be focusing on building projects and solutions that seek to advance Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data.

Our do-a-thon has three key goals:

1. Focus on doing, rather than just hacking.

The do-a-thon's focus is on action. You don't need to be a coder or a designer to participate. Use today to work on campaigns, strategy development, policy changes, resource creation, educating, media-based organizing, and more! We want you to get creative with the approaches you take to create a more open system for sharing the world's information.

2. Explore problems deeply and thoughtfully.

We're asking participants to really understand what the hurdles are in an issue before jumping straight to a solution. We're equipping you with exercises that will help you to better understand the systems Open Research and Open Education are being built in — as well as the people these problems affect.

3. Encourage collaboration across skillsets. Build solutions together.

Amazing things can happen when people with a wide variety of skills and experience come together. We want policy makers to talk to educators, librarians to work with web developers, designers to collaborate with researchers, and everything in between. We're excited to see what happens when folks across disciplines and regions pool together their knowledge to imagine something big.

How can I participate?

The official do-a-thon date is November 4, 2018, but we're encouraging folks to get started before — and hopefully, carry on projects and collaboration after. Here are a few ways you can get involved and participate:

1. Anyone can propose a problem to work on.

Is there a big question or challenge you want to tackle in Open Research and Education? Here's a chance to share it with the community and work together on designing a solution. Participants can submit challenges the day of the do-a-thon, but we'd love if folks could submit big questions they want to tackle in advance, too. Find out more about how to submit a challenge here.

2. Anyone can propose a project for others to collaborate on and contribute to.

Have a project idea you want to put into action? Or an existing project that needs development or support? The do-a-thon is a great opportunity to receive support and contributions from collaborators around the world. Learn more about how to propose and lead a project here.

3. Anyone can contribute their skills and ideas to existing challenges and projects.

Participate from wherever you are by contributing to one or more of the do-a-thon projects and challenges submitted. We expect that most of the action will take place on November 4th, but feel free to get in touch with project leads and see how you can help out beforehand! You can explore the growing list of projects and challenges we're working on here.